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Celebrating all the people who have
transformed their lives 
with the help of “Zing Wellness”

Neha Oberoi

Lost 8 kgs

I started feeling good as I was losing weight even when I was eating regular food and not eating those diet foods.

I feel happy looking at myself, my mind feels at ease as I am getting back in shape and I started loving my body and my lifestyle.

I have become alert about what I eat and what and how much my body needs. Feels like my body knows that I m taking care and maybe soon it will show more results.

And really thanks to you Anagha... as I am feeling happy. If you would have not been there, I would have still done those stupid diets which never work out.

I think I am liking who I m becoming thanks a lot.


Vishakha Gawli

Wonderful experience with Zing wellness.

Anagha supported me a lot throughout the weight loss process. I lost 10.5 kgs in 3 months. Anagha helped me with her proper guidelines. And I wasn't on diet during this process. I learned to eat right and choose food wisely. I am healthy and fit now. Thanks to Anagha.

Gayatri Soni

Lost 6 kgs

Dietitian Anagha helped me to lose my excess body weight. I lost 6 kgs with her. This program helped me to gain my lost confidence back and I will always be grateful to her. She also focused on the mental health aspect which I needed at that time. She is a breath of fresh air in this restrictive weight loss industry as she allowed me to eat everything, but in the right proportion.I found a friend for life and would definitely recommend her to everyone who wish to transform their life and their health.

Mitali Deshpande

Lost 6 inches

Anagha is a dietician with finesse. She understood my needs holistically and gave me a tailor-made diet, nutrition and activity plan that best suited my inclinations and routine. No fancy diets - the best part is that her diet plan is easy to follow even in today’s hectic life. Simple yet powerful things such as how to do mindful eating, emphasis on food that is locally available go a long way in achieving consistency of diet practice and ultimately to reach the end result. I found her much passionate about her work and that in combination with her knowledge about nutrition has done wonders for me. Thank you Anagha ! Your presence has made diet & healthy living work for me :)-

Aditi Godbole

Age 18, Student

Dt. Anagha Desai has truly been a very supportive, understanding & encouraging dietitian. She motivates her clients to keep up with the diets without actually pushing them towards it. She's very patient and considerate while planning the charts and she allows you to eat everything in proportion without actually making you starve. I have experienced a radical change since I first visited her in October. I now feel more comfortable in my skin and it's given me a confidence which I never had before. She not only concentrates on the physical health aspect but also works on the mental health part. She's made me aware of how striking a balance in our diet is very essential. I am very much thankful to her.


Rashna Iyer

I recommend her to everyone !

The battle to lose weight made me research for nutritionists in the vicinity I live in. "There is nothing called diet, eat healthy" caught my eye. I am so grateful to Anagha to help me lose a few kilos healthily without making me starve. Her organised, systematic and professional approach and a smiling face which greets you when you meet her, motivates you to follow what she suggests and advises. Eat everything she says and subtly a voice which says but portion control. But the way she helped me without making me feel it a drudgery , I owe it to her that she encouraged me to walk; something I never ever did but now want to do. Anagha is now a household name for me and in my circle of friends. Anyone struggling to do what you can't, Anagha is the person to go to. A thorough, methodical, dedicated and wonderful person, without any stringent rules to follow, I recommend her to everyone ! Wish u every success in all your endeavours Anagha!! U are the best !!

Yogendra Lotlikar

Citrix Admin

Anagha's meal plan has really helped me as it literally changed my lifestyle. I can control my portions now. I stopped overeating naturally.For the  First time I saw my weight reducing as well as I started experiencing inch loss within a month. She does not focus on weight loss, she is firm on fat loss. Zing wellness program is the best! It leaves a positive impact on life as it is taking care about all the aspects of health- physical,mental,social, spiritual.

Bhagyashree More

Associate Consultant, KPMG India.

"Anagha understands her clients as an individual and their lifestyle prior to prescribing a diet. I never felt that I was on a diet as I was eating everything. Her methods are absolutely not invasive. She gives a perfect blend of simplest ingredients to burn fat and yet no compromise on taste. Her golden rule is to maintain portion control and exercise everyday. I have started eating more mindfully now and would highly recommend her to guide you through the course of achievement to your fitness goals and live a healthy life."

Mithun Shetty

Vertical Head, Customer Service Operations

"I had a unique and wonderful experience with Anagha.Cannot express it in words as such. I never thought any nutritionist could be so persuasive and literally ensure that her client follows everything with perfection. As we did a single session, I wish to do a program with her in future as there are huge benefits on the overall mental and physical health. Besides being my nutritionist, she also came through as a genuine friend who wished well for her client. cheers Anagha! God Bless!"

Udit Deshmukh


Anagha's approach towards health and wellness is quite discerning, to say the least. She understands her client's needs as well as their lifestyle very well before charting out a personalized plan and makes sure it does not interrupt our daily schedule. She makes it a point that we understand the implications our diet has on our overall well-being. I had no clue that tweaking my diet would have such far-reaching benefits for my skin, which has traditionally always been oily(the root cause of acne). A simple change in diet has done wonders for me, and I am sure her other clients would share a similar experience.

Aparna Halbe

Software Developer

"Anagha helped me to change my perception about diet and transformed me in a very positive way. I learned the correct way of eating and weight loss was just the side effect of it. I lost about 8kgs within 2 months. My confidence level has increased tremendously. My 80% skin problem were resolved. I never thought there could be a diet for skin. I am really very happy with you Anagha. I would surely recommend you as you are the best and the first nutritionist who is not talking about the calories and weighing scale, but asks you to listen to your body signals.Thanks a ton!"

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