Coronavirus Prevention: कोरोना-वायरस से कैसे बचे ?रोगप्रतिकारशक्ति कैसे बढाए? || Boost Immunity

कोरोना-वायरस से कैसे बचे ?रोगप्रतिकारशक्ति कैसे बढाए? Coronavirus is spreading fast and the fear is all over, but are we doing anything apart from fearing it and wasting our time and energy on researching about how many cases are reported and how many are dying?

The only way to recover from it or prevent it is by building good immunity (रोगप्रतिकारशक्ति). It is our immunity that is working for us daily that prevents us from falling ill. Invest in building and strengthening your immune system. You need to be careful about what you eat? How much you move or activity you perform on a daily basis? How is your emotional health And the quality of sleep you get.

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