What Causes Binge-Eating || Obesity

There are several reasons for overeating but what is that deep rooted cause?

How many times have you caught yourself eating a packet of chips and emptied an entire packet without even realizing it?

Why can’t we stop at one? Do you eat for taste or for some other reason? Find out in this video...

If you are interested in this topic or want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way by understanding how our mind and body works then you can read my book- Win The Weight Loss Game -Now available on Amazon.

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No food is GOOD or BAD.

Food is more than carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, & minerals.

Yes, certain foods are responsible for uplifting our mood, make us feel better, aids in our gut health, and are responsible for providing nourishment to our body, unlike other foods that lack energy, and are dead foods.

Whether you are looking for weight loss or weight gain, the basic steps remains the same- EAT RIGHT, EXERCISE, TAKE RIGHT GOALS, STAY MOTIVATED, & SELF-CARE. The difference is what to eat, what goals to take, and what exercise we need to do based on our body type.

Right EDUCATION is the KEY.

I have given a lot of information about how to lose weight without compromising on your mental state and how to do it effortlessly in my book- WIN THE WEIGHT LOSS GAME.

Stay on your GAME & trust me you will win your weight loss game!

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