Mindful Eating: The art of eating right

Our life can be busy and demanding. We get into the 'doing mode' as it enable us to achieve the things we desire to do. However, when our minds are on autopilot, we can be influenced by negative thoughts and emotions which can drain us mentally and we forget to appreciate ourselves and what we put in our body.

Mindfulness offers an accessible way to deal with these issues.. It helps us to deliberately pay full attention to the present moment. This practice also offers you to relate to your internal experiences- Your thoughts, emotions, feelings as well as your body sensations; and your external world- your environment and relations.

Mindfulness practice can help us to deal with emotional eating, depression, stress, and anxiety issues. We attach certain emotions with different foods and end up making wrong food choices. We all have experienced mindless eating while watching Netflix or T.V. and not realising how much we ate.

As we all know -'We are what we eat' and 'We are how we eat.' It is the most natural and effective way to lose weight. Be aware of all five senses while eating- sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. It helps our body to digest and absorb food effectively. Remember, the most important rule- never eat when you are experiencing any negative feelings or emotions as that food will be converted into a disease.

Steps to incorporate mindfulness while eating and make it the most beautiful experience of your life:

  1. Eat only when you are physically hungry: Identifying your true hunger is the most important step. Don't wait until you are voraciously hungry as you will end up eating mindlessly and it can result in overeating.

  2. Consider from where the food is coming from

  3. Create a positive intention before eating and take a deep breath and be present in the moment.

  4. Notice the colour, smell the food and actually observe it with your sense of sight.

  5. Touch the food and feel the texture.

  6. Take a small bite and feel the taste

  7. Hear the sound of what you are eating.

  8. Chew slowly and eat with a lot of gratitude: Slow down. Your speed will determine how much quantity you will consume. When we eat fast our hunger hormone secretion increases and we don't get the satiety signal which leads to overeating.

  9. Stay present and avoid any distractions like television, mobile, laptop, reading a book, etc. With your next meal try to avoid multitasking and just eat with no screen. Enjoy a conversation with someone instead.

  10. Let go of the exceptions you have from this process. Simply allow the process to reveal itself to you.

  11. Finally, Stop eating before getting full.

Also, note the feelings and emotions you experience while eating.

You might say that eating and not doing anything else is so boring. It's a sign that you are in resistance with yourself and blocking yourself from experiencing your body sensations. You don't love yourself enough or maybe you are not comfortable and don't enjoy your own company. Mindfulness practice will help you to tune into your body and understand yourself better. Learning to accept yourself and your body is the first step in self- care. The more you will know yourself, the more your will enjoy your own company.

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