Grocery Shopping tips for weight loss

We have control over the foods that are stored in our kitchen, therefore grocery shopping list is mandatory to the success of your weight loss goals. Small habits can make a huge difference. If you don't have something unhealthy at home, then you are less likely to make an effort to go out and buy it.

Here are certain tips which can help you to form those healthy habits before your next shopping trip.

✔️Make a shopping list: Include multigrain, whole wheat or whole grain pasta or noodles, brown rice, whole wheat or whole grain flour, oats, whole grain or multigrain cereals, lentils, Dairy and dairy products, egg, meat, fish, nuts and seeds, whole fruits, fresh vegetables, etc..

✔️Read food labels: Look for whole wheat, or whole wheat flour as the first ingredient on the label and a short ingredient list. Choose whole grain bread which has minimum 3-4 g of fiber and has less than 100 calories per slice. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils or trans fat and artificial sweeteners.

✔️Shop online: Online shopping will eliminate certain temptation, smells, or free samples options. It will also give you some time to check ingredients of the food.

✔️Snacks: Get your snacks, so that you won’t reach our for unhealthy options when you are hungry like non-salted nuts and seeds, plain popcorn, lotus seeds or makhana, fresh seasonal fruits.

✔️Avoid shopping on an empty stomach: Never go for grocery shopping when you are hungry as you are most likely to opt for unhealthy stuff when you are hungry.

✔️Spend more time around the perimeter: Grocery stores are well organised and makes it easy for us. Fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, meat are arranged around the perimeter and try to avoid centre aisles- where packaged foods are located.

✔️Divide your cart into 4 parts: A quarter should be filled with carbohydrates like rice, pasta, whole grain flour; a quarter with protein like beans, lentils, egg, meat, diary; and half of the cart should be filled with vegetables and fruits.

✔️Stay away from fruit juices and carbonated beverages: These are nothing but empty calories which are only going to increase our weight.

✔️Wear your favourite clothes: skinny jeans, skirt or anything that will remind you of your fitness goal. It should motivate you to choose healthy and opt for nutritious options.

✔️Avoid taking your kids for shopping: If you take kids, then it could be a stressful experience. You might not get time to read labels as you will be in a hurry to leave. Kids will drag you towards the unhealthy zone and you will end up buying those stuff. So, if you don't have any other option. then take someone with you who can do the babysitting.

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