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Diet tips during vacation

We all need a break from our regular routine to get refreshed and start the old routine with a clean mind. That's what we feel vacations are for. But when we are on a weight loss journey we need to be extra careful so that we don't end up wasting all our efforts which we took till now. Otherwise you will end up with a regret . Always remember you are going on a vacation but your diet or your digestive system is not on a vacation. If you say that I won't follow any diet during vacation. I just want to enjoy. Then let me tell you, you are on a wrong diet. Diet means a healthy lifestyle. It does not mean that you have to sacrifice on foods you love. Just eat smart.

So here are certain tips which will help you to maintain your weight on your vacation.

1. Stay hydrated- Staying hydrated is very essential especially in hot country or during summer. Make sure your urine color is clear like water. Water also helps in weight loss so remember this and always carry a water bottle with you .

2. Early morning Instead of having a tea as the first thing. Use that kettle to warm your water and ask the hotel person to provide you lemon(use half lemon for yourself and the other half for your companion). Have warm lemon water instead of tea.

3. In the morning do some exercises like swimming (if available),on the spot jogging, skipping, jump squats, suryanamaskar, crunches, etc.

4. For breakfast make sure you eat fruits first. Fill your plate with fruits and slowly eat them first . Take some break then move on to other items. Opt for healthy options like poha/upma/idli/dosa with sambhar. Make sure you include a serving of protein as it will keep you full for a longer period of time. for example, curd/yoghurt/ egg/ sprout salad/ paneer, etc.

5. Carry some nuts (not salted), makhana, fruits with you which you can have in between instead of having biscuits or chips. you can also have tender coconut water with malai or nimbu pani in between.

6. If possible carry apple cider vinegar and isabgol (plain) with you. Have it before meals. one-two tsp in a day not more than that. It will make you full and prevent overeating.

7. Choose either rice or roti. Don't eat both together as both are heavy carbs especially during late dinners.

8. If you are having late dinner then have either roti or rice with sabzi and dal or if you are a non-vegetarian then then stick to only chicken/fish which is either grilled/boiled/baked as you would be sleeping immediately post that. So eat less.

Tip: Instead of dal have curd rice for lunch as dal will be filled with lot of oil.

9. If you love to drink then don't worry you can have it. Whatever you like-vodka, wine, etc. But stick to only 1 glass to maximum 2. Slowly keep sipping it throughout your meal.

10. You can also have soup. But if you think that it's creamy or has cornstarch then avoid it. Order saute vegetables.

Vacation does not mean we will leave everything behind and enjoy. So set up a lifestyle you don't need to escape from.

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