Exercise regularly- still not able to shed those extra pounds?

  • Exercise is all about commitment and discipline. A commitment to exercise regularly is not easy (if you think it's not). But let me tell you it's actually very easy if you have the will to do it. It teaches you the pleasure of discipline and, if you are able to discipline yourself to an exercise program, it's easier to exert discipline over your food habits as well.

  • Many of you are very motivated initially, but then after few weeks if you are not seeing any difference on that weighing scale, your motivation goes down. Weight loss is a journey where you need the most important ingredient that is "PATIENCE". Most of them lose here, because they lack motivation, commitment, focus, and patience. Just remember you haven't gained that weight overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight. There is no magic, it's sheer hardwork which will take you there.

  • You maybe exercising vigorously and having a tab on your food habits, but the pounds are just not coming off. Just stay consistent and be patient. Every body responds differently to exercise. It depends on how, what and how much you eat, how out of shape you were before you started and how much you are committed towards it. Few see quick weight loss initially and then stay at the same weight for weeks.

  • There is a reason for slow weight loss. As you start burning fat for muscle fuel, your body tends to retain water. This water weight will come off through the elimination of this excess fluid in the form of sweat or urine. Also remember that your muscle occupies less space in your body than fat but both weigh same. so you might see that you are losing on inches instead of weight. And when you start working out (strength training or start lifting weights), your muscle mass increases so you might not see the difference in your body weight, but you can drop a dress size.

  • Weight loss becomes a bit difficult as we age, because our metabolism slows down and body fat increases as we grow older. Our physical activity also decreases, so if we keep on consuming the same amount of food as we used to eat in our yonger days then we will gain weight eventually. For example, if you eat 100 calories more than you burn up daily, you can expect 22kg weight gain in 5 years. But if you exercise a bit more daily like 30min. brisk walk, or 20min. cycling, or 10-15min. extra jogging,etc. then your body would not have accumulated those extra 20kgs.

  • Exercise teaches you the art of discipline. Exercise will also reduce your cravings and will secrete more happy hormones. Instead of restricting yourself from eating what you like and constantly thinking about "not eating this , not eating that"- which creates resistance, and remember whatever you resisit, persists. Do the combination of cardio and weight training, because when you do cardio your metabolic rate increases only till the time you do it, but when you do weight training your metabolic rate remains high for the next 24hours (which means that your body will keep burning fat for the next 24hrs.)

  • The Secret of losing weight is having faith, patience, determination and doing regular vigorous exercise. Keep pushing yourself to perform better than what you did yesterday. Don't give up until you see the result. Because you might end up quiting when you were about to succeed.

Don't forget you earn your body, take care of it!

Stay consistent, and exercise regularly because motivation is what gets you started but persistence is what keeps you going!

Watch my video on pre and post workout meal plan- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4HraxkUKMM&t=29s

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