How to improve our Digestion?

Do you suffer from indigestion, acidity, gas, bloating, discomfort in your stomach, constipation, tiredness, or heartburn?

If your answer is yes, then you might have digestion problems.

Few people are blessed with a strong digestive fire i.e. Agni. But for those who are suffering due to poor agni need not worry.

Here are few tips which will help you to improve your Agni:

  • Follow proper timings: The most important thing is to follow proper timings. Eat more when the sun is strongest (which means strong agni/ digestive fire), that is in the afternoon between 12 -2 p.m. and Eat less post sunset. Have your lunch before 2 p.m. and lunch should be your heaviest meal of the day. And your dinner should be less and much lighter than your lunch. Ideally try to have your dinner before 8 p.m. as your digestive fire becomes much weaker after that. Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? If yes, then it could be because of having late night/heavy dinner. Having late night dinner can give you disturbed sleep as well. After 10 p.m. our body is busy digesting the food from the day and having dinner at this time can lead to accumulation of toxins in your colon, leading to heaviness as soon as you wake up in the morning. So if you wish to wake up fresh and light in the morning then make sure your eat a light dinner and have it before 8 p.m.

  • Triphala choorna: Have 1-2 teaspoon triphala in warm water/milk, 1 hour before sleeping at night. It is a combination of herbs- Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. It helps to detoxify colon and helps in eliminating toxins from our system as well as improves nutrient absorption.

  • Ginger-lemon-salt juice: Have 1 inch ginger, a pinch of salt and few drops of lemon juice before meal to trigger digestive fire. It helps in producing necessary enzymes by stimulating salivary glands and also improves the absorption of necessary nutrients.

  • Lassi: Having lassi (without sugar) before meal will aid in digestion

  • Listen to your body: Eat only when you are physically hungry. Ask yourself before meal, am I really hungry for food or for something else? Here self awareness comes into practice.

  • Eat hot meals: Eat hot and fresh meal as they are more satisfying and will help to digest as well. Avoid any cold drinks/food as they can lead to bloating.

  • Be aware while eating and enjoy the process of eating: Eat slowly without rushing and eat for at least 15-20 mins., as it takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the signal that your stomach is full. Stop before getting full. Because overeating and not chewing properly will eventually lead to indigestion and accumulation of toxins in your system.

  • Do not multitask while eating: Avoid all distractions like T.V., laptop, mobile, etc.

  • Sit and eat: Never eat while walking or even standing. Doing so will affect the digestion as the blood flow will move towards your feet (which ideally should flow towards your stomach).

  • Fluids: Drink fluid before meal. Do not drink water/fluid after your meal as it will interfere with your digestion.

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