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Hey! I'M Anagha :)

An Entrepreneur/Nutripreneur, a dietitian/nutritionist, optimist, and extremely dedicated to helping you transform your life & become the best version of yourself!

Born & brought up in Mumbai. I was always a curious child. Curious about human body, food, and how it affects our mind & body. We all have heard this- We are what we eat. But honestly speaking nobody knows the real meaning of this sentence. I am very happy to share it with you!

I'm also passionate about: writing, singing, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, and fitness just to name a few.


Awarded as Best Influential Professional of India (Nutritionist/ Dietician) 2020-2021

A very common question which I'm often asked is "Why did you choose this field?" 


Since my childhood I was never overweight, thanks to my strong digestive fire. As being a pitta personality, anger was just beneath the surface of my skin. Due to which i had a lot of body heat. I never had any weight issues but started getting other issues like ulcers; skin issues like rash,etc. which was a wake-up call for me and made me think about my eating pattern. I realized that eating right with some exercise and yoga was the only solution I had.



             I had a lot of questions in my head regarding diet and exercise & I landed up in Nirmala Niketan college where I specialized in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics, then I did my Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from Symbiosis International University (Pune), and worked for a year in a pharma company where I specialized in Diabetes sector. While working over there I realized that what we learn in college and what actually works in the real world is completely opposite. Theory doesn’t work in practice.

I used to give diet to my colleagues in the corporate world, where I was made to think about the more practical approach.


         I am also a Published Author- WIN THE WEIGHT LOSS GAME on amazon where I have mentioned the easiest way to lose weight without stressing yourself.

I am also Awarded as a Best Influential Professional of India (Nutritionist/ Dietician) 2020-2021 by BizTycoon

My clients often tell me how my personality is just right for my profession. I Would like to help people like me to gain more balance into their life by taking care of their internal health, as outer beauty is dependent on our internal health.

I want to help you find the beauty within you and not just depend on the external sources to treat your problems. We shall work together at every step towards your lifestyle modification journey. I will guide you on how to eat? when to eat and what to eat? You are just required to eat right, follow the correct timings, portion control and do some exercises that’s all, and yes the most important thing, don’t give that weighing scale the liberty to judge your inner beauty! :)


With love,

Anagha Desai

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