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Hey! I'M Anagha :)

An Entrepreneur/Nutripreneur, a nutritionist, optimist, and extremely dedicated to helping you transform your life & become the best version of yourself!

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  • One month trial- Weight loss

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  • Therapeutic Diet plans

    Want to improve your health status?

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  • Weight Loss- Single session

    Are you ready to work on your body and eating habits?

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  • Weight loss Package-6 Sessions

    Do you wish to work on your health and eating habits?

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  • Weight Loss Package- 12 Sessions

    Want to work on your eating habits and make permanent changes to your ...

    1 hr

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Success Stories

Mitali Deshpande

Package: 6 Sessions

 Lost 5% body fat

Gained 6% Lean body mass



Package: 3 Months

Lost 15 kgs

Yogendra Lotlikar

Package: 4 Sessions

 Lost 5 kgs



Package: 4 sessions

Lost 6 kgs

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WhatsApp: +91-9769905289